Drs. Kees Mulder MBA is the Managing Director of Ascolo, which he founded 20 years ago.
He has served over 50 companies and was based in several countries in Europe and the Middle East. Today, he is based in the Netherland and a Municipal Councillor.
Kees has a degree in political sciences from the University of Amsterdam, with a focus on market organisations. He complemented this with a Master of Business Administration degree from IMD, a leading business school in Lausanne.  

Public activities and Advisory Roles
Kees has participated in various advisory bodies of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. He was Board Member of FIST, an industry association defining wholesale interfaces. He has also co-founded TSOC, a people networking association focussed on emerging technologies. He is the sole honorary Member and also because of his contribution as President. Today he is a member of the Digital Government Advisory Board of Huawei Europe.

The name Ascolo
The name Ascolo is derived from the place Asculum, where, in 279 BC, the Greek had a Pyrrhus victory over the Romans. The battle appeared in retrospect a pivotal point for the Romans. After this battle the Romans obtained hegemony over the Mediterranean Sea, and built subsequently  the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was characterised by solid engineering and organisational skills.

Different perspectives 
The logo of Ascolo can be seen as the arch of a Roman bridge, but can also been seen a zipper and gateway to a new future   







You can contact Kees Mulder directly at + 31 650 222 316 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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