Organisational Development

Digitisation has grown rapidly in the commercial and public sector environments with different types of challenges

Trends in digitisation in the Private Sector 
In the last decades companies have integrated atomised tasks in service flows, providing faster, more focussed operational customer services and a reduction in cost. Organisations have changed significantly and will continue to change.
Digitisation has transformed many infrastructure based servce industries such as transport, logistics and the digital communcations sector itself. Large investments in new and innovative business models have further fuelled this process. 

Impacts of digitisation in the Public Sector 
National goverment are used to develop their policies in focussed areas, typically based on past technologies. Emerging technologies accelerate the need for policy development and the integration of isolated areas and between EU, national and local policy layers. 

Digitisation raises consumers' and the citizens' expectations of governments. At a city level municipalities have already moved to more integrated digital public services. 

Organisational change between the public and private sector 
National and local governments have a prominent role in areas like digital infrastructures, transport, waste collection and the transition to renewable energies, all areas of significant change. In these areas significant infrastructure investments are required as an answer to the societal challenges. At the same time, evaluations of the privatisations since the 1980's are made which may lead to adjustments in public policies

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