Sales Management and Business Development

Examples of completed projects covering different roads to market

Sales management

  • Implementation of new line of business: from green field to a several million Euro's in two years

  • Initiating a new line of business in a commodity market. First to market in Europe. Start of a €50 million business  

  • Revenue growth of 20% (€4 million) in 9 months. Sales management of direct and indirect channels

Development of sales strategy and sales through rapid prototyping and lead generation 

  • Analysis of market and customer demand, identification of key success factors and ranking of segments

  • Prospect listing, rapid prototyping and lead generation for various small companies
  • Workshops sales strategy

 Growth through partnerships

  • €3 million growth with system integration partners in different European countries

  • Identification of an international joint venture partner for a niche technology provider. MOU for several countries

  • Development of a white label franchising formula to leverage resources of different types of companies

  • Preparations for a joint venture between a telecom operator and utility for services for smart homes




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