Policy Development

Governments are faced with significant societal challenges, as expressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN objectives for Sustainable Smart Cities. There are many aspects to the concept of Smart Cities. 

Local circumstances influence the way these goals are  implemented. And to achieve these sustainable development goals (SDG) new infrastructures and related services need to provided

Upstream industrial Policies to create infrastrcutures
Next to the SDG objectives, governments may have industrial policy objectives to promote competitive supply industries. Worldwide there are different industrial policy models, ranging from a top down model in China, to a technology driven approach in the USA and with Europe somewhere in between. These differences approaches are subject to an ongoing debate and assessment of their impacts.

Execution of policy objectives
Once the SDG objectives are elaborated, governments have many execution options. What infrastructures are needed towards 2030? Does the market perform or should there be a public service? Should the current roles be adjusted? Or is there a mix with publicly owned private organisations the answer? And where do the funds come from, how can a dynamic market be created with sufficient levels of investments and competition? How is dealt with flexibility and risk? And what do buyers want?

Ascolo has analysed the effectiveness of different public polcies approaches in tens of countries in different areas, assists companies and governments in policy development and has influenced policy developments. It interacts with senior officials and Members of Parliament, represents organisations in industry bodies and obtains coverage in leading media.





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