Growing Smart City and Smart Society

Societal challenges
Today, 55% of worldwide population live in urban areas and this precentage is growing. In urban areas there are more developments, such as the increase in traffic and the energy transition. Inhabitants expect good and easy to use public services. 
In this context, governments have formulated global objectives, as outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is further elaborated in the UN programme for Smart Sustainable Smart Cities. These policies, developments and expectations mean that there are many challenges for governments, companies and people. 

Technology can contribute to solving societal challenges. Investments in new infrastructures and services are required to accelerate the developments towards the realisation of the concept of Smart City. 

Growing Infrastructures and Services
Ascolo operates in Smart City areas where innovation, government policies, markets, private companies and people interact. It focusses on infrastructures and services in the digital, mobile and energy areas.
It has a track record in developing public policies, growing businesses and implementing organisational change. It provides interim management and consultancy services towards Smart Cities.



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